Monday, 15 December 2008


Bethany had her Orientation Day for school today. Like Sophie, she'll be doing correspondence with the Sydney Distance Education Primary School.

We've been really impressed with the school this year and are confident that Bethany, while still quite young, will enjoy her learning experience. I'm really looking forward to the first six weeks of Kindy, which, if I recall correctly, were lots of fun.

Sophie will be in year one. They will be in the same class and will have two teachers who will be team-teaching. Children in the same family are often in the same class. This usually makes it much simpler for the parent-supervisor, only having to communicate with one teacher. It also means that for subjects like science, the social sciences, PE and the creative and performing arts, they will do much of their work together. The more I think about the year, the more I look forward to it and the more I am convinced that I am really going to have to be organised next year.

I think Bethany's ready, don't you...

And check out the SDEPS photo gallery to see if you can find the photo of Sophie!

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