Sunday, 7 December 2008

Mermaid Sophie

We had fun this weekend preparing for and attending a birthday party. It was an under-the-sea party. We ducked out to Vinnie's yesterday morning and found a sparkling skirt which we took in and shaped like a fish-tail. We used the triangular shaped off-cuts to make the fins on the end of the tail. These went on the feet like socks. We also found a bodice at Vinnie's which we thought would be more modest than the usual bikini top. We thought she looked just like a mermaid!!

She had a great time at the party. The whole class had been invited. I was impressed, too. It was well run. Nothing over the top. Self-catered, simple food and most of it very healthy.

It was a great opportunity for me too, to meet the children and their parents. I look forward to meeting some familiar faces at school tomorrow morning!

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Erin said...

Very creative - she looks great!