Tuesday, 2 December 2008

First Day of School

Well today was Sophie's first day of mainstream school.

How did it go?

What did you do?
Oh, nothing much.

Well, did you meet any people?
Yeah, but I don't know their names.

With a little more probing we found out a little more.  But not much.  There was a trip to the library and reading with help from some Mothers.  There was news, which she couldn't hear because the children were too quiet (and because of recovering from an ear infection), a birthday invitation for the weekend, and although there was overwhelming presence of Santa in the classroom, they had been read the story of the birth of Jesus.

And how does the mother feel?
A little disappointed, but not surprised, that it was all so easy.  No tears.  No clinging to my skirts.  Nothing.  She lined up and went in and didn't look back.  She came out again at the end of the day with a great big smile.  She was fine, said the teacher.  At that was that.  Oh, and I was glad she remembered to shut the toilet door.  I was worried about that.


Hannah Blake said...

I'm glad she enjoyed it all and didn't find it hard! How are Bethany and Matthew? Do they miss her?

Rachael said...

Bethany misses her. SHe keeps saying she wants to be where-ever Sophie is. On Saturday when I went up the street with Sophie she complained that Bethany wasn't with us because she wanted to be with Bethany. I think they miss each other. They are playing really well with each other after school.