Saturday, 6 December 2008

Christmas Shopping

Well been back for five days. I used to take much longer than this to adjust to the enormous differences in our cultures. I would take a few days just to recover from the shock and confusion of stepping off the plane into a luxury shopping mall. Where are my bags? But now it doesn't bother me so much. I think I've become de-sensitized to it. This worries me, because I think it should bother me.

I've found it extraordinarily easy this time around to slide back into life in Australia without missing a beat. The cars, the food, the clothing, the fast internet. All mine. Perhaps it was all a dream?

Mind you, I haven't attempted Christmas shopping yet. That really frightens me and I'd like not to have to do to worry about it at all. Perhaps I can put it in the too hard basket and opt out claiming culture shock. What do you think?


Hannah Blake said...

I hated working over Christmas time the last couple of years because of the way people at the shops were solely concerned with the business spending money. I don't expect non-Christians to celebrate Jesus at Christmas time, but it seems like (for many people) it's not even about people- just a yearly obligation to spend and receive!

That said, I really enjoy going to Sydney at Christmas time to do my shopping- more for the experience than anything else, I think (I hope!) I like seeing so many people, looking at the Christmas window displays and trees, eating lunch in Hyde park, playing the pianos at Allans. Not all Christmassy things, I know! But for some reason it's so much more enjoyable this way than going to Macarthur Square!

Rachael said...

Thinking about parking at Penrith Westfields sends shivers down my spine.