Thursday, 18 December 2008

Angel Christmas Cards

Sophie made some Christmas Cards to give out to the children her class at school. They are simple to make, but time consuming. We sat down together and all helped with the cutting out, but she did all the putting together and all the writing.

We cut out angel wings from a sheet of A4 vellum paper. We scanned a simple drawing and made a template of 12 on an A4 sheet.  We printed onto the vellum, which was a mistake with an ink-jet printer, as the ink ran. But after they were cut out it was barely noticeable. I would recommended printing the templates onto paper and tracing them onto the vellum. Or if you have a laser printer, you can print straight onto the vellum.

Then we folded up the wings, as you can see in the first picture, and put a small piece of double-sided sticky tape on the 'wrong' side in the middle, between the wings, and stuck them onto the card. We bought 6-pack sets of plain cards with envelopes.

We used gold cardboard for the angel's body. We bought A4 sheets and printed the template (again, we made a template of 12 from scanning a simple diagram) onto the reverse side. We cut out the angels and put two pieces of double-sided foam mounting tape on the reverse side, one behind the 'neck' and one on the 'dress hem'.

Then we placed the angel on top of the wings, as shown. We also put a 'merry christmas' sticker underneath the angel.

For the inside, we printed, cut out and glued the message the angel proclaimed about the saviour (Luke 2:11).

To make 24 cards, we purchased (from a shop that supplies stuff for scrap-booking; I'm sure it'd be much cheaper somewhere else!):
  • 2 sheets A4 gold cardboard
  • 2 A4 vellum sheets
  • 1 sheet gold "merry christmas stikers
  • 4 packs of 6 plain cards with envelopes
We also used:
  • double-sided foam mounting tape
  • double-sided sticky tape
  • paper for the message on the inside
  • scissors and glue

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Raeline said...

Dear Sophie,

The cards you made look beautiful.
Your friends must have been very pleased to
receive them.
Love Grandma