Sunday, 16 November 2008

Help Wanted

Next month at Equip Book Club we’ll be reading the book of Luke together, and I’ll be the contributor!


There’s all sorts of background information that would be really helpful to us as we read Luke, but I don’t want to include it in my posts. First, because I know that other people have done it better already (there are a lot of great resources out there on the web), and second because I want to keep my posts short enough for people to read.   It would be great if I could find these resources and link to them rather than reproduce it all in my posts.

The trouble is that with our snail’s pace internet connection, it’s virtually impossible for me to find them. Are you willing to help?

I am looking for these sort of resources:
  • historical background to the gospels 
  • theological background to the gospels
  • maps of Galilee and Judea at the time of Jesus
  • an overview of the Old Testament (particularly with mention of Isaiah)
  • mp3 downloads of talks on Luke, either sermon series, lecture series or an overview of the book.

Please email me ( with anything you find. Thanks!


Wayne (Dubbo) said...

Have you had any good replies yet?

I think the historical background to the gospels is that the authors met a bloke names Jesus who changed their lives dramatically
I think Judea has a river and a lake or two, I'm not real good with maps though.

Wayne (Dubbo) said...

Drats, I made a spelling mistake and I cant' edit it!

Wayne (Dubbo) said...

Oh, I just did another one.

Rachael said...

Hi Wayne,

I've been sent some really helpful links for sermons and talks... but not much on the others. Bryson doesn't happen to have a OT overview posted somewhere on the net, does he?