Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Which flower is this? (25)

This week's flower is another orchid, and another one from Mama Cindy.

You can see in the above photo the following features which we have discussed previously
  • six 'petals'; 3 true petals and 3 which are technically bracts or sepals but are so modified that they look like petals;
  • the lower petal is different to the others, a little like a platform, with 'wings' or 'walls' near the centre of the flower;
  • a 'column' in the centre of the flower which is the male and female reproductive parts (style, stigma and stamen) fused together.

I have also commented previously that the leaves have parallel veins, and also commented that their shaped varies quite a lot.  This one has very different leaves again, like needles (see below).  The more typical leaves in the picture belong to the frangipani tree upon which the orchid is growing.

I also thought that the shape of the bud was very interesting!

One more week in this series of orchids...

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Trevor Cairney said...

Hi Rachel, If only I'd seen these posts BEFORE I went to Singapore I could have found them and identified them! I don't think I can help but I've seen some of them before. Glad to know that you love them. It seems like there is an amazing collection in Vanuatu. How great is our God!! Trevor