Wednesday, 15 October 2008

which flower is this? (23)

Now, this is an orchid. Can you see how they have six 'petals'? One
is heavily modified, the structure that sticks out the front and
sometimes looks like a bell. In the Disney version of Alice in
Wonderland this was the 'mouth' of the talking orchids. Actually only
three of these petals are true petals and the other three are 'bracts'
or 'sepals', the leaves that usually cup the bottom of the flower. If
you look in the orchid at the bottom of the photo which is facing the
other way, you will see that it has no leaves cupping the base of the

The reproductive parts of orchids are very interesting, too. But this
photo isn't good enough. I'll leave that for another time.

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Rachael said...

Come to think of it, were they daffodils in Alice?