Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What's been happening?

It's been a quite two weeks from me. What's been happening?

We had a lovely time with Wayne, Glen's brother, and his sons, Ben and Tim. Wayne came to help out with our electrical 'stuff' at Talua. He fixed our solar panels. Three out of the four were not working, all with the same fault. He fixed them, made a new mount for them on the roof and set up our solar-batter-inverter system fantastically. It looks great. He also fixed up the solar system next door, fixed the college generator and the starter motor on the college truck. While he was in the roof doing some wiring he found that we had two separate 240 volt systems. One was hooked up the the generator and one was from the 12V battery through an inverter to 240V power points and lights throughout the house.  Only this second 240V system was wired through 12V wires. For the electrically illiterate (like me) this is EXTREMELY dangerous. He was lucky not to be electrocuted, as he was handling the 12V wires not knowing they actually were carrying 240V.  He then ended up spending a lot of time re-wiring our whole house. Since then, we have had fantastic solar power. Enough power for everything we need, including running a fridge. Wayne, Ben and Tim also managed to visit Tangoa (the small island nearby which, tomorrow, will celebrate the centenary of their church), make sling-shots and jam with the students.

We also enjoyed getting to know Betty Murray who spent three weeks here teaching English. More about that later.

School started again this week, back into it...

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Raeline said...

It is so great that all that work has been done.
Even nicer to have caught up with family.
Love Mum