Monday, 22 September 2008

Slugs, snails and puppy-dogs tails

This morning Matthew found a dying cockroach. He "cooked" it with a plastic spatula from Bethany's cooking set. On Friday, while we were gardening, he picked up a worm, studied it intently and then popped it in his mouth. Another time, I found him playing with a spider on the front Verandah. He chases butterflies and picks up lizards.

At this age, Sophie would run across the room screaming upon sight of an ant. Bethany was not so squeamish, but nor so fascinated.

What is it with boys and bugs?

P.S. There are no poisonous spiders in Vanuatu. Lucky.


Christopher said...

There is nothing about boys and bugs. It's completely normal. What is it about girls and bugs?

Anonymous said...

Luke and Jenna equally love anything that crawls. Jenna keeps worms as her babies!! She's also quite partial to lizards :)

Julie xx