Thursday, 4 September 2008

The Cleaning Lady

We baked biscuits this afternoon. After all the mayhem (involving four, including a friend, pairs of hands trying to mix, roll and cut; a one year-old's delight at discovering hundreds and thousands for the first time; and scrabbling to eat the little bits at the end) I enlisted Sophie and Bethany at separate times to help clean up in the kitchen.

Say I to Sophie, attempting to instill good 'clean-up-as-you-go' habits,
"The cooking's not done until the cleaning up is finished."

Says Sophie, "We're not still cooking, Mum" (as if I hadn't noticed).

Me, "I know. That's a way of helping us remember that it's really important to do the cleaning up and not leave the kitchen in a big mess.'

Sophie, "But Mum, you just do the cleaning up."


girlonfire said...

Ha ha.
I'd like to encourage you to persevere...
I responded much the same way to my mother as a girl, but I'm now successfully a clean-up-as-you-go girl.And it's like that with lots of other attitudes I resisted in my younger years.
I think because Mum was so persistent, I just see them as normal now. (And I see the benefits!)

Rachael said...

Thanks Jess. For many reasons, it is a constant struggle for me to clean-up-as-I-go so I really appreciate you're encouragement to persevere.