Tuesday, 5 August 2008

when I was at school

Sophie is doing correspondence school with the NSW Department of Education. I'm sure it's different to being in a classroom, but it's still just ordinary old Kindergarten.

This year, in the literacy program, apart from learning to read, she has learnt about contractions and apostrophes; contents and indices; verbs and prepositions; exclamation marks and ellipsis.

When I was at school, I didn't learn about verbs until my year nine French teacher, exasperated by our ignorance, spent two weeks teaching us about English verbs. And I didn't know what a preposition was until I studied Greek at college.

I suspect Sophie is not actually expected to remember these terms yet. Even so, I am learning plenty!.

Note for readers outside of NSW: Kindergarten is the first year of school proper. In many places, this is called year one or first class.

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