Monday, 25 August 2008

what plants need

Two and a half weeks ago, we began an experiment to find out what seeds need to grow. We set up five pots with different conditions for growth. The first two had soil, water and light; the third had no soil; the fourth, no water and the last, no light. After a few days, we found that while no seeds germinated in the conditions without soil or water, they did not appear to need light to germinate.

After another two weeks, this is what we could see:

With light, soil and water, most of the seeds have germinated and look very healthy. The large one is a bean sprout.
Beans sprout very quickly. The smaller ones are paw-paw sprouts which will eventually grow much taller than the beans.

Without soil or water, no seeds germinated.

And without light...

... the seeds germinated but they did not grow well at all. They are long and spindly and the bean sprouts (which had yellow leaves previously) have lost their leaves.

Our conclusion is that plants need soil, water and light in order to grow well.

But you all knew that already!!


Nicole said...

Hi Rachael,

I've tagged you for a meme at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sophie,

You must have learnt heaps from your plant experiment.

Where are you going to plant the seeds that have grown
so nicely.

Love Grandma