Thursday, 14 August 2008

what plants need

Sophie's also been learning about what plants need to grow.

Here you can see that she has set up 'pots' with different conditions for growth.  The first two have soil, water and light.  The third has no soil.  The fourth was not watered and the fifth has no light.  In each pot there are ten paw-paw seeds and two bean seeds.

So far, no seeds have germinated in the "no soil" and "no water" pots.  However, the "no light" pot has been very interesting.  More seeds have germinated in this pot than in the first two pots, and this is was they look like:

So we have found out that seeds don't need light to grow (assuming our bucket did block the light!!) but something is not right, as they leaves are yellow!  What will happen over the next few days...

Isn't science fun???

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Anonymous said...

How very interesting. I always thought they needed light.
Yes, science is lots of fun and a big learning curve.
It is a real bonus being teacher as well as parent.
It is a real bonus being a grandparent and learning all
this also.

Love Grandma (Raeline)