Monday, 28 July 2008

praying with Bethany

I have been praying with Bethany each morning before she goes to pre-school. Recently she's been resistant to me doing this, sometimes becoming quite upset if I insist upon it. I have asked her why but she hasn't been able to answer me.

Today I walked to pre-school with her. When we got to the door she burst into tears, flung herself around my neck and begged me to take her home. She said,
"They fight me, Mummy, they fight me. Even though you pray, they fight me."

Is this why she doesn't want me to pray any longer? Is it because she thinks that God hasn't answered her prayers? We prayed that the children would be kind, but they are not.

How do I help her? How do I help when I struggle so much myself?


Nicole said...

Dave had a very similar conversation with Jacob recently. He didn't want to ASK God for anything in his prayers - just thank Him. When Dave pressed him, he got upset and said it was because God he'd been learning at Sunday school that God doesn't always answer prayer straight away and you usually have to wait a long time. True, but not the right response. But I could really some of myself in that reaction!

Bron & Dave said...

Is it helpful to talk to Bethany about asking God to not just stop the problem, but helping Bethany to know how to deal with it when it occurs? Often we focus on asking for things to not happen or to not turn out one way and get upset when our prayers are unanswered. Should we ask for God to help us to know how to deal with the good and the bad?