Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pray for the Banks Islands

A cyclone went through the northern islands of Vanuatu earlier this
year. These islands are many, small and remote. The cyclone
destroyed crops. Since then stock in the stores has been used up and
they are now empty. For some reason, there has been no ship arrive
there for the last three months. No supplies delivered and no
transport for the non-edible crop which provides income. Thus there
is little food and no money.

Please pray for these people. Pray that God would provide for their
daily needs. Pray that they would turn to him in their hunger and
they would hunger not just for food but for the word of God.

Pray especially for our friends Esther and Allan Walter. Allan is a
student of Talua. He is currently on his third year, which is a
practical year. He is spending the year teaching at a lay training
centre for the Anglican Church on the island of Sola, in the Banks
islands group. He will probably work there when he finishes at
Talua. They have had to send all their students home because they
cannot feed them. Pray that they would continue to trust God and they
would be encouraged by his faithfulness to them through this difficult

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