Tuesday, 29 July 2008

one-pot meals

My friend Nicole wrote here about thoughtfully planning her days. She has inspired me. Our most stressful time of the day is not before the meal, like hers, but afterwards, when I am cleaning up and trying to get the children to bed and trying to do it all quickly so that I can make use of the evenings when the generator is on and we have electricity.

It has annoyed me that I seem to spend so much time washing up. I have thought through this before and tried to work cheerfully and to limit the things I attempt to do in the evenings so that I don't become bitter about not being able to do them.

In response to something Nicole mentioned, it has occurred to me to increase my repertoire of one-pot meals and so reduce the amount of washing up. I wonder if you all would be happy to help? If you have any great recipes for one-pot meals and would be happy to share them, please do!!

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