Monday, 28 July 2008

chick, chick, chick

We have taken this little chick under our wing. It was driven out by
the other chooks and pecked so severely that it became quite sick. We
all though it was going to die, unable to walk more than a few paces
without falling down. It has taken shelter in a small bush just
outside our front door and Matthew takes much delight in feeding it
each day. This photo was taken when we were trying it out on weet-
bix. The chick wasn't impressed and Matthew decided to eat it himself
(eat the weet-bix, that is, not the chick!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Matthew seems to have grown so much is the last 2 months!!

It is so great that they have the little chick. A wonderful learning experience. Matthew looks as if he just loves it. What a great thing that you were able to bring it back from being so sick.